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The only crystalline ice sculpture design and carving studio in Chile.

We take the ideas of our clients and together we transform them into experiences  memorable events, bringing the art and magic of ice to all our projects.


We have made more than 1,500 sculptures and projects throughout Chile, among the most iconic our mega projects stand out, such as the First Ice Hotel in Chile (Kidzania 2017), Iceberg Natgeo 12 Tons (Lollapalooza 2018), Casa Navidad en Hielo (Mall Square 2015 – 2016).


Also, we make and carve ice sculptures of all kinds;  Company logos, furniture and ice bars, fountains or food displays for hotels and restaurants, decorative sculptures, etc. in order to promote the events or activations of our different clients, (marketing agencies, production companies, hotels, natural persons, etc.).


Finally, we created a line of custom crystalline ice, which has grown exponentially in recent times, due to the generational need to live more personalized experiences. We create crystalline ice of different sizes for the main hotels and gourmet bars in Santiago, using it as the main element in their different cocktails.



IceMan Chile is a family business dedicated to the creation of unique and personalized ice sculptures. Our passion is to create unique works of art with ice of the highest quality so that our clients can enjoy a unique experience. We are committed to the quality, transparency and purity of the ice so that each sculpture is perfect and durable.

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